monologues and dialogues about ones' lifework


Established in 2015 as "job security inc. (派遣事業機構株式会社)" which operated as a consulting firm for temporary job agencies in Tokyo, after 3 years of operation we started other projects below, "monologue365" and "dialogue365". In 2020, we decided to engage ourselves exclusively in website making of those and changed our business name as "Amane-REC inc. (周撮影株式会社)". 

​monologues about one's lifework

We are going everywhere in this world to have interviews with locals about their jobs.
And hearing about their envelopes, tethers or limits of them toward their jobs and everyday life.
Everybody experiences alone and blue days to reach his lifework and suffer again and again.
We hope to encourage people who wants to find his start of his lifework by sharing their stories.



dialogues about one's lifework

This radio project is still pilot and is to share the guest's story about his long and winding road to his lifework with listeners.Only spoken in Japanese language so far.
Broadcast on podcast.


internship program





Amane-REC inc. (周撮影株式会社)


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